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It was a dark and foggy night. A college coed was having trouble staying awake while driving at night. Her anxiety level was not helped by the fact that she was running low on gas and was lost in a strange area. Finally, a gas station appeared. She pulled in. The attendant made his way around the car and seemed to be very distracted as she asked him to fill it up, and even seemed to be making faces at her. He finally agreed to get the gas, but then asked her to pop the hood of the car because it "smelled like trouble." She felt uneasy because she was alone with this strange guy in a creepy gas station. He then asked her to come inside the office area to show her something. Not knowing what else to do, she did as he asked. He grabbed her arm and said "This car needs a tow, you'll have to come with me into the office." Then he put his hand over her mouth and forced her into the office. She began to bite his hand once they were inside and he let her go. She ran from the attendant as fast as she could to the car and drove off. As she was driving away the gas station attend was shouting something but she couldn't hear what it was. The next morning her body was found with her head hacked off. It seems that the gas station attendant was trying to warn her that there was someone crouched behind her seat in the car.

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