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Death and Taxes...We can help you with the Taxes

Everyone knows that tax time is not the best time of the year. You could be one of the lucky people who get a refund from the government, or your like millions of other people who will end up owing money. In order to reduce the amount you will have to pay to the government and to help you will all of the new tax deductions for this year's taxes, I have included information that all tax preparers should have at their disposal. This information comes in the form of books, software, and links to other sites. Please feel free to use all of the information. Good Luck!

Please select the links below to help you take control of your money and taxes

Kiplinger's Cut Your Taxes - The Kiplinger editors are renowned for their inside knowledge of how events in Washington affect the pockets of every American. CUT YOUR TAXES is their unique annual analysis of the latest changes to the federal tax laws, together with savvy advice on how to profit from the changes. Concise and jargon-free, CUT YOUR TAXES is an indispensable tool that every taxpayer needs.

How to Pay Zero Taxes, 1998: Your Guide to Every Tax Break the IRS Allows - Schnepper outlines the easiest, most practical strategies consumers can use to lower their taxes this year, next year, and beyond. Fully updated to take advantage of all of 1997's tax revisions, "How to Pay Zero Taxes" helps consumers plan and make better decisions year-round by focusing on hundreds of legal ways to preserve pre-tax income and profit.

Federal Taxes & Management Decisions, 1998-1999

Brilliant Deductions

Wall Street Journal Guide to Understanding Taxes

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or you can purchase these software products to help you prepare your taxes in no time

Tax Preperation Software, like Quicken and more